ACCT 557 Quiz 3 Perfect A+ Answer

1. (TCO C) Presented below is pension information related to Woods, Inc. for the year 2013.
Service cost $76,000
Interest on projected benefit obligation $47,000
Interest on vested benefits $24,000
Amortization of prior service cost due to increase in benefits $12,000
Expected return on plan assets $18,000

The amount of pension expense to be reported for 2013 is

2. (TCO C) A pension liability is reported when

3. (TCO C) Which of the below listed items is NOT required for post-retirement benefit disclosures based on professional pronouncements?

4. (TCO C) Kathy’s Kittens, Inc. has provided the following information for their post-retirement benefits plan for 2013.
Service cost $475,000
Discount rate 8%
APBO, January 1, 2013 $3,800,000
EPBO, January 1, 2013 $4,100,000
Average remaining service to full eligibility 20 years
Average remaining service to expected retirement 25 years

The amount of post-retirement expense for 2013 is

5. (TCO C) On January 1, 2013, Laura’s Living Company has the following defined benefit pension plan balances.
Projected benefit obligation
Fair value of plan assets
The interest (settlement) rate applicable to the plan is 10%. On January 1, 2014, the company amends its pension agreement so that service costs of $350,000 are created. Other data related to the pension plan are as follows.
Service costs
Prior service costs amortization
Contributions (funding) to the plan
Benefits paid
Actual return on plan assets
Expected rate of return on assets
(a) Prepare a pension worksheet for the pension plan for 2013 and 2014.
(b) For 2014, prepare the journal entry to record pension-related amounts.

6. (TCO C) Kasper, Inc. sponsors a defined-benefit pension plan. The following data relates to the operation of the plan for the year 2013.

Service cost $260,000
Contributions to the plan $250,000
Actual return on plan assets $240,000
Projected benefit obligation (beginning of year) $2,700,000
Fair value of plan assets (beginning of year) $2,900,000

The expected return on plan assets and the settlement rate were both 9%. The amount of pension expense reported for 2013 is

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ACCT 557 Quiz 3 Perfect A+ Answer

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