As a team of management consultants, your job is to persuade CanGo to purchase your services to help them correct their management issues. Tell us your Team Name, identify your individual team members and give us some idea of the individual strengths you bring to this picture.

Our team has extremely dedicated people with an eye on detail orientation and analytics. The technical capabilities also surpass individual talent when compared to the team’s. Delegation of team’s work which also helps to assist CanGo to a profitable company. Finally, the research and meeting deliverables on time is the ‘the factor’ in our time with good communication and leadership.

This collection of talent individuals that has been brought together to form PAMTEK Consulting has wealth knowledge, skills and experiences ideally suited to assist Cango unique needs. The skills that I like to improve on that my team members already have would include being well-organized, previous experience managing people and being a formally trained instructor. We are also very fortunate to two team members with a military experience, which I believe is a great asset to for PAMTEK Consulting. How will all of these skills benefit Cango? First thing that Cango needs to know is the fact that we are highly motivates and determined to provide the right solutions to fit Cango needs today and in the future. Given the opportunity our collections of consultants will evaluate your current business systems and provide recommendations that will help you reach your specified goals. We will work directly with your staff provide guidance as we help you transform you business systems to match your goals. We can take a leadership role in situation where your staff may need some additional support or simply be available whenever call upon to assist.

The company in this course is a fictitious online gaming company called CanGo. It similarly wishes to maintain and improve its business successes. By bringing your knowledge and skills from your undergraduate studies, you will be examining this company throughout this course. You will see its Strengths and Weaknesses, its Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), allowing you each week to perform a SWOT Analysis. You will need to make a determination early on as to what guides CanGo? Is it just the founder and CEO, Elizabeth, the skills of the employees, the momentum of the market or other factors? You will also need to define how things will need to change and evolve at CanGo in order for the company to succeed in its ever-changing marketplace. Your having a good foundation in business functions and being able to apply them to CanGo will make a huge difference for you and your consulting team members.

In your role as an outside consultant hired by CanGo, you will be determining your own consulting business strategy. You will go through your own SWOT Analysis, Strategic Management process, and developing your consulting reports. You will be determining your ultimate products and services (culminating in the Final Report and Final Presentation). During Week 1, you will be looking at the skills and competencies that you and your fellow team members are bringing to your consulting business. You will also identify some areas you will want to improve, most likely with research using the resources in the course (such as THE|HUB in the Student Resource Center) along with research using the Internet, textbooks and materials from your other courses, and discussions with your fellow consultants during your team meetings.

Your initial team efforts will include reviewing each others’ resumes, perhaps making suggestions for improvements; determining the extent of how well you can understand the interrelationships of CanGo’s business functions; and, where you can go to acquire additional information about how the business will perform. An important initial deliverable from your team is to define and develop your own charter of operation, known as your Team Contract.

Our team is known by MAX Consultants, and we are a team of 5 members. As a management consulting team we persuade the CanGo in restructuring their business portfolio, market entry and growth strategies, scenario planning, organizational design and capability development with overall profitability improvement. We as a team are expertise with individual strengths and experience in executing projects on strategy development, marketing, operations, organization, and corporate development. The team is entirely dedicated to analyze, interpret, and execute the projects with outstanding results. We work on rigorous analysis and use global best practices with workable solutions to our clients.

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