GSCM 588 Managing Quality Week 8 Final Exam Complete Detailed A+ Answer

GSCM 588 Managing Quality Week 8 Final Exam Answer

1. Question : (TCO E) Suggested reasons why many customer satisfaction efforts fail include all of the following EXCEPT:

Student Answer: using poor satisfaction measurement schemes

failing to weight quality dimensions equally

confusing loyalty with satisfaction

failing to identify appropriate quality dimensions

2. Question : (TCO D) Factors that should be considered when selecting Six Sigma projects include the following EXCEPT:

Student Answer: financial return.

impacts on customers and organizational effectiveness.

fit to existing government legislation(s) on quality.

probability of success.

3. Question : (TCO C) In a service context, lean production
is referred to as:

Student Answer: lean operation.

lean enterprise.

lean process.

lean service.

4. Question : (TCO C) Poka-yoke is:

Student Answer: an approach for mistake-proofing processes.

a Japanese organizational hierarchy.

an error-detection machine used in engineering industries.

a computer program used in streamlining processes.

5. Question : (TCO B) Marketplace performance indicators could include all of the following EXCEPT:

Student Answer: measures of business growth.

new product and geographic markets entered.

percentage of new product sales as appropriate.

customer surveys on product and service performance.

6. Question : (TCO I) A machined part is returned to the drilling department for rework. The additional labor that is used to correct the quality problem with the part is:

Student Answer: a prevention cost.

an appraisal cost.

an internal failure cost.

an external failure cost.

7. Question : (TCO A) _____ focuses on the elimination of waste in all forms, including defects requiring rework, unnecessary processing steps, unnecessary movement of materials or people, waiting time, excess inventory, and overproduction.

Student Answer: Lean approach

Six Sigma

Deming Quality Circles


8. Question : (TCO B) Robert Kaplan and David Norton developed a balanced scorecard which had four perspectives. Which one of the following is NOT one of them?

Student Answer: Financial



Innovation and Learning

9. Question : (TCO D) The Baldrige Award criteria, as a tool for self-assessment:

Student Answer: can be useful for firms never intending to apply for the award.

is most useful to firms intending to apply for the award.

is of little value if the firm has already applied for the award.

is of little value if the firm has already won the award.

10. Question : (TCO H) Focusing on how to maintain improvements occurs in which DMAIC phase?

Student Answer: Measure




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1. Question : (TCO B) Explain why it is difficult to obtain a single, universal definition of quality. Be specific in your response.

2. Question : (TCO I) Define benchmarking. Identify the three major types of benchmarking, discuss their purposes and provide examples. Be specific in your response.

3. Question : (TCO G) Discuss the three major reasons why companies adopt total quality. Also, discuss the initial key steps are involved in the adoption process.

4. Question : (TCO F) Explain in detail why change is necessary in organizations. Describe the effects that change can have on quality management with respect to employee commitment and quality levels.

5. Question : (TCO H) Describe the six basic steps required to build the House of Quality. Describe, in general, where in the House are customer and technical requirements located. Also explain why it is important that each area of the House is “linked” with the others.

6. Question : (TCO C) Explain the concepts of lean production. Describe its relation to Six Sigma. Please provide examples of the pros and cons for linking them.

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