BUSN 410 Mid Term Complete A+ Answer

BUSN 410 Mid Term Complete A+ Answer
1. Critical thinking skills are important in ________________.
A. assessing the validity of arguments
B. creative problem solving
C. assessing the validity of opinions
D. All of the above
E. None of the above
2. The “method of belief” prescribes that one put aside beliefs and begin examining an argument from a position of skepticism.
3. In collaborative learning, one considers the opposition’s position and feedback in decision making.
4. Poor critical thinking skills contribute to low self-esteem.
5. ____________ and ____________ are barriers to critical thinking.
A. Wanting to be right…defense mechanisms
B. Premature analysis…clichés
C. Limited experience…avoidance
D. Ignorance…ingratiation
E. None of the above
6. Reason is best applied when emotions are completely excluded.

7. __________ is the belief that knowledge can come from revelation or reason, and that there are no logical inconsistencies between them.
A. Fideism
B. Rationalism
C. Critical rationalism
D. Emotionalism
8. Empathetic people are more open to others’ views.

9. For effective communication, it is important to understand the differences between the denotative and connotative meaning of a word or phrase.
10. ____________ are used to ensure the standardization of data collection and interpretation.
A. Lexical definitions
B. Persuasive definitions
C. Operational definitions
D. Denotative definitions
E. None of the above
11. You are out for the evening with a group of friends. One member of the group wants to move to a different venue, but does not tell you. Instead, he is sulking, but states that, “The venue is up to the group.” This is an
example of ___________ communication.
A. assertive
B. aggressive
C. passive
D. passive-aggressive
E. None of the above
12. Emotive language is often used to manipulate.
13. ____________, like “addictive disease” instead of “drug abuse”, serves to sugarcoat the truth.
A. Dysphemisms
B. Hyperboles
C. Sarcasm
D. Euphemisms
E. None of the above
14. _________ occurs when individuals in an organization embrace behaviors or ideas that they would not otherwise espouse.
A. Diffusion
B. Polarity
C. Groupthink
D. Isolation
E. None of the above
15. Firsthand experience is always a credible source of evidence.
16. Which of the following websites is the most credible source of evidence?
A. www.snopes.com
B. www.consumers.org
C. www.bea.gov
D. www.productreviews.net
E. All are reliable sources.
17. Cognitive and social errors can distort expectations and lead to disadvantageous behavior.
18. “This location has lots of foot traffic.” In the sentence, the word “lots” is _________.
A. a fallacy of accent
B. an equivocation
C. an amphiboly
D. a fallacy of division
E. a fallacy of composition
19. Every terrorist in the 9/11 attacks was a Muslim, so all Muslims should require additional security checks at the airport. This is an example of what argument fallacy?
A. ad hominem
B. amphiboly
C. fallacy of division
D. fallacy of composition
E. fallacy of accent
20. “If you don’t attend church every Sunday, you’ll burn in Hell.” This is an example of __________.
A. popular appeals
B. a straw man fallacy
C. Scare tactics
D. a red herring
E. None of the above
21. “If we legalize marijuana, people will want to legalize other drugs as well.” This is an example of ________.
A. a false dilemma
B. a slippery slope
C. a naturalistic fallacy
D. an inappropriate appeal to authority
E. None of the above
22. ___________ is known as the “art of persuasion”.
A. Inductive argument
B. Equivocation
C. Rationalization
D. Rhetoric
E. None of the above
23. Consider these two statements:
1. The triangle has three equal sides.
2. Angle A and angle B of the triangle are each 90 degrees.

In determining the measurement of angle C, one could say that the two statements are __________.
A. arguments with independent premises
B. arguments with dependent premises
C. arguments with an unstated conclusion
D. arguments with a sub conclusion
E. None of the above
24. In analyzing an argument, it is important to identify the premises and the conclusion.
25. “Complete” arguments address all relevant premises and conclusions.

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BUSN 410 Mid Term Complete A+ Answer

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