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Chapter 4 Pain

  1. The impulses related to acute pain are usually transmitted by:
    a. nociceptors.
    b. myelinated A delta fibers.
    c. unmyelinated C fibers.
    d. any sensory fiber with a low pain threshold.
    ANS: B REF: 55
  2. In which structure do pain impulses ascend the spinal cord?
    a. Reticular formation
    b. Corticospinal tract
    c. Spinothalamic tract
    d. Relevant dermatome
    ANS: C REF: 55
  3. According to the gate-control theory, passage of pain impulses may be naturally blocked:
    a. at the synapse by entry of other sensory impulses.
    b. by the stress response.
    c. by administration of morphine directly into the spinal cord.
    d. by referring the pain to other parts of the body.
    ANS: A REF: 55
  4. What is the term used to describe the degree of pain that is endured before an individual takes action?
    a. Pain threshold
    b. Referred pain
    c. Phantom pain
    d. Pain tolerance
    ANS: D REF: 55

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