Week 5 : Transaction Processing – Quiz

Question 1. 1.  (TCO 6) Web applications can implement transactions by using methods that _____. (Points : 3) 

  1. initiate a transaction
  2. commit the transaction
  3. revert the transaction back to the original state of the database
  4. All of the above

Question 2. 2.  (TCO 6) _____ starts the transaction process. (Points : 3) 

  1. Instantiate Transaction
  2. Process Transaction
  3. Begin Transaction
  4. Commit Transaction

Question 3. 3.  (TCO 6) Validation is done when when you click a button whose _____ property is set to True. (Points : 3) 

  1. InitialSetting
  2. CommitTransaction
  3. ProcessValidation
  4. CausesValidation

Question 4. 4.  (TCO 6) What does the following SQL statement add to the Times table?

Insert Into Times (TimesDueDays)

 Values (90) (Points : 3) 

  1. A row with a value of 90 for the TimesDueDays column
  2. 90 rows with a column of TimesDueDays
  3. All rows where the TimesDueDays column has a value of 90
  4. A TimesDueDays column with a default value of 90

Question 5. 5.  (TCO 6) Which of the following statements about the FormView control is not true? (Points : 3) 

  1. It can only display one item from a data source at a time.
  2. It uses a template to render each item.
  3. It uses data binding expressions to display bound data.
  4. It restricts how you can lay out the data it displays.

Question 6. 6.  (TCO 6) Which of the following can a Select statement not do? (Points : 3) 

  1. Modify selected data.
  2. Retrieve data.
  3. Combine data from two tables.
  4. Create calculated fields.

Question 7. 7.  (TCO 6) What is the Edit button replaced by when you click the Edit button for a row in a GridView control? (Points : 3) 

  1. Update and Cancel buttons
  2. Delete button
  3. The Edit button is not replaced.
  4. Validation button

Question 8. 8.  (TCO 6) The result set retrieved by the following Select statement contains rows that have _____.

Select Balance, Number

From Accounts

Where Balance < 0 (Points : 3) 

  1. all of the columns from all of the rows in the Accounts table
  2. two of the columns from all of the rows in the Account table
  3. all of the columns from the Accounts table from all of the rows where Balance is less than 0
  4. two of the columns from the Accounts table from all of the rows where Balance is less than 0

Question 9. 9.  (TCO 6) Concurrency occurs when _____. (Points : 3) 

  1. an update or delete operation is refused
  2. two or more users retrieve and then try to update data in the same row of a table at the same time
  3. an update or delete operation is resubmitted to the database
  4. a program checks if a row has changed before updating or deleting ite. xml

Question 10. 10.  (TCO 6) To control the layout of the data in the templates of a FormView control, it’s common to use _____. (Points : 3) 

  1. databases
  2. CSS
  3. fields
  4. the layout of data in a template cannot be controlled

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