DRP and ERP (graded)
How do distribution resource planning (DRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) differ? Why do we need all of these complicated systems? Can’t we just make our products and sell them for a profit? How does using systems like ERP and DRP improve our operational efficiency?

How are DRP, ERP, and MRP different from each other, or are they really the same thing in a different wrapper? Explain your reasoning.

What do the authors mean when they say DRP procedures and logic are analogous to MRP?

How does DRP pull inventory through the system?

How is data handled in an ERP system?

What impact does ignoring carrying cost in the allocation of stock in a DRP system have on lot sizes?

Our text provides a list a advantages and disadvantages for ERP. Select one of these and elaborate on it. Can you find anything on the internet that relates to these items?