The Glass-Steagall Act was passed into law in:

In the CAMELS rating system, the letter C stands for”:

The law that allowed banks to engage in investment banking was the:

A charter is a bank’s application for:

According to Keynesians, the main source of the business cycle is:

Labor productivity is calculated as:

The period from October 1949 to November 1970 is called the:

A period when a recession ends and an expansion begins is:

A steady state is a situation in which the key variables in the model:

The starting point of a dynamic model is:

A dynamic model is a model that:

The liquidity effect is the:

The largest component of aggregate demand is:

A rise in wealth will cause household investment in housing to:

Aggregate supply tells us:

With the price level on the vertical axis and output on the horizontal axis, the short-run aggregate-supply curve:

Precautionary savings is:

A situation in which all markets are in equilibrium and all economic agents have made decisions in their own best interest is called:

The view that a change in the timing of taxes does not affect people’s consumption is known as the:

In a real business cycle (RBC) model,: