Healthcare Workforce (graded)
What do you see as the biggest workforce challenge(s) for hospitals today? Are the issues any different for other types of healthcare organizations? What strategies are being used by hospitals for recruiting and retaining staff?
Many hospitals are trying to focus on a specific line of business to specialize in so that patients will go to them for that particular care. In Washington State, one hospital will specialize in hip replacements and therapy to get back to normal where another will specialize in cardiac care or chemo and align with seattle care institute and/or Fred Hutch. If they specialize in one or more specific areas or product lines than they will get that type of care. Many smaller hospitals are either merging with larger ones or partnering with them to obtain more patient’s.
What do you see as the biggest workforce challenge(s) for hospitals today?

What are the issues associated with recruiting foreign nurse to work in U.S. organizations? Do you support this strategy?

This is an excellent post on employee rewards and how the importance of specific rewards may change as an employee gets older or s with the organization for a longer period of time. This is a very important point as you move forward in your career as healthcare administrators.

I am glad that you mention Herzberg in this post. His research and theories are fundamental to the understanding of employee rewards and incentives. His theories are studied in most MBA and management programs. In this post you mention the notion of motivation and how to improve it. Is motivation different from employee satisfaction or is it the same thing?

One of the issues which was in the news this winter was hospitals who require the nursing staff to get flu vaccines. The organization feels that this protects patients, while some staff members believe this should be an individual choice. What are your perspectives on this issue?