Week 2 Assignment:
Assignment: Create an Email Message
The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply writing principles while responding to business email. The emails you’ll receive simulate internal and external. Assume that you are employed at
the Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center. As you might expect, the culture is fast-paced and fairly informal, with employees relying heavily on email. While speed is important, high value is also
placed on precision: All of your email responses should be grammatically correct and error free.
You will play the role of the catering director for the Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center. You took this job five years ago and are busier than you ever imagined you might be—running from
meeting to meeting every day. Your only time to respond to your email is during your short breaks between customer meetings. As usual, you have a flood of messages which all seem critical. Your
challenge during this assignment is to respond to all of your email and write clear responses.
When responding to each of the messages, consider all of the following:
•What do you think is an appropriate response to your message?
•What information do you think should be included?
•What might be inappropriate for this type of message?
•How long should an appropriate response be?
•What would you consider too long?
•What tone should you use for the message?
Message 1
Sender: Thomas Jans, HR Assistant
To: You
Subject: Happy Anniversary!
Good morning!
I looked at my calendar and noticed that today is your fifth anniversary. Congratulations! How is everything going? Do you have any questions? Let me know if you would like to sit down and review
your 401k and benefits.
Have a Great Day!
Message 2
Sender: Margaret Harris, HR Manager
BCC To: All employees
Date: October 1, 20xx
Subject: Important Policy Change: Vacation Schedule
Good morning!
Effective immediately, there has been a change to the vacation policy.
Any vacation requests for January through April must be turned in by November 1. Approval or denial of these vacation requests must be returned to you no later than two weeks after your request.
You will then have another week to resubmit your request.
Vacation requests for May through August must be submitted by March 1.
Vacation requests for September through December must be submitted by July 1.
Please send your requests directly to me, with a copy going to your supervisor. If you have any questions about the policy change or the number of vacations days available, please let me know.
Thank you.
Message 3
Sender: Michael Jones, Quality Foods
To: You
Subject: Today’s Conference Call
You are one busy person. We missed you in this morning’s conference call with Chef Bill. Did I write down the wrong time or day? I am working on your order for next week’s hospital fund-raising
luncheon. We need to confirm the menu and how many people will attend. I need this information by the end of the day tomorrow.
Please reply with the requested information or to set up another conference call.
Thank you.
Message 4
Sender: Blake Edwards
To: You
Subject: Summer Job Opportunity
I’m interested in a summer job opportunity with Blue Bay Resorts. Your HR department said you are in charge of the hiring for the events at the conference center.
I am a high school senior and will be going to college next year. I am looking to expand my knowledge of the hospitality industry, and Blue Bay seems like the perfect place for me.
For the past two summers, I worked as a host for an upscale restaurant where I learned the importance of customer service in a fast-paced environment. I’m currently working at the Hyatt Regency
as a bellman, serving as valet and helping people with their luggage.
To build on my experience, I am open to a variety of jobs at Blue Bay. I would like to speak with you further about future opportunities and how I might contribute to your resort and conference
center during this coming summer. I am available to work between May 15 and August 15.
My resume is enclosed for more information about me. You can reach me by email or at 917-555-6169. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a time to meet.
Thank you.
Blake Edwards
Message 5
Sender: Angel Murphy, Kitchen Manager
To: You
Subject: Confidential
We need to talk. One of the servers we used for the banquet last week came to me today. She wants to file a sexual harassment complaint against one of the bellmen. How do you want to handle
this? Should we discuss this with her first or set up an appointment for all of us with HR?
I’ll fix you lunch if you have time to discuss it today.
Thank you.