Week 7: Organizational Goals and Structure – Discussion
Organizational Design Preference (graded)

Our text takes us through a thorough review of various organizational design structures; let’s investigate our own organizational design preferences.

Please refer to page W-52 in the OB Skills workbook at the end of the textbook, and take assessment 21. Make a note of your score and share it with the class to examine your results. Do you agree with the result?

Secondly, describe your current or most recent employer’s organizational design (mechanistic, organic, hybrid). Is the structure consistent with the company goals?

After spending some time reviewing this assessment the lesson learned for me is that depending on the phase of my working life I was in I probably would have enjoyed 3 of the 4 cultures. What did you learn from this assessment?

Who is on a baseball team? Professor Van Apeldoorn
I too have been on this type team and really enjoyed it. The only threat was if a micromanager gets involved. Any other concerns when you are on a team?

I would think most companies would like to generate that type of environment and retain quality employees. Who is this great company?
I do not know why I focused on Assessment 22…sorry for any confusion. I think this discussion can handle two don’t you? Review both Assessments and let us know what you discovered.

I think this discussion would be significantly enhanced by a Costco customer telling us a little about their experiences at Costco.

While we are waiting to hear, do you think the focus on the employee’s satisfaction is the reason for success at Costco? Any other companies come to mind with similar strategies?