Activity Instructions: Leadership Development Models
Review the four (4) models of leadership identification and development presented in your text on page 373 and follow these directions. (100 points) (A 7-page response is required.)
1. Develop a minimum of five (5) interview questions that address the issues related to potential development and potential identification mentioned in each model. Your interview questions may have sub-questions. Note this example: What is the purpose of a new job? For example, is it an opportunity to advance in the hierarchy, or is it an opportunity to expand one’s functional skills? (25 points) (A 1-page response is required.)
2. Use both Hofstede’s dimensions and an appropriate leadership development model to create imaginary interviews with three (3) employees. One employee is working in Japan, another in France, and the third in Germany. You may use sources from ProQuest or the mainstream media to write the answers to interview questions. Document your sources using the APA format. The interviews will provide answers to your five (5) questions for three (3) employees. (60 points) (A 6-page response is required.)
3. Explain why you linked a given leadership development model (the Elite Cohort, Elite Political, or Functional model) to a given national culture (Japan, France, Germany). (15 points) (A 1-page response is required.)