1. What is the duty cycle for a square wave signal that is HIGH for 15 nsec and LOW for 30 nsec?  

2. A pulse train is shown on the oscilloscope below. Determine the period of the pulse.

3. Determine the frequency for a pulse that occurs every 10 ms.

4. What is the base-10 value for the binary number 11012?
5. What are the respective weights of the 1s in Problem 4?
6. How many different values can be represented by 6 bits, 7 bits, 8 bits, and 10 bits?
7. What is the minimum number of bits required to represent each of the following decimal numbers: 10, 1,000, 100,000, and 1,000,000?
8. Convert the binary value, 1011010100101101, to a hexadecimal equivalent.
9. Convert the following decimal numbers to 8-bit binary values. For negative numbers, use the 2’ complement formulation.

10. Express each of the following signed numbers (2s complement format) in decimal:

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