Laboratory Number: 5

Laboratory Number: 5

Laboratory Title: Introduction to Proteus 8.8

Submittal Date: 2/10/2019


  • Introduction to the ATMega328P Microcontroller.
  • Introduction to Proteus 8.x Environment.
  • Build a New Project in Proteus 8.x
  • Connect external devices to the AVR Microcontroller in Proteus.
  • Simulate the Project.
  • Navigate the Proteus Debugging tool.


IV. 6. Take a screen capture of the Proteus Application Framework screen

IV. 12. Click on the “Schematic Capture” tab.  You see the ATMega328P microcontroller already there.

VI. 14. Take a screen capture to show the “Source Code” panel only

VI. 15 – Observe that, on the far left column, we are the mode icons.  Move the mouse pointer over each icon and describe in the cover sheet which mode you would enter in if you would click on that icon

VI. 28. Observe the “VSM Studio Output” panel at the bottom.

VII. 1. Activate the “Source Code Panel” and click on “Debug” from the menu bar.  In the dropdown menu, select “Start VSM Debugging”. 

VII. 6  In the Watch Window panel that opens at the bottom, right click to add items by name or by address. 

VII. 7  Double click on the DDRD and PORD to add them to the watch window.

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