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ECET 330 Week 8 Final Exam

  1. (TCO 1) Which type of memory has RAS and CAS pins?
  2. (TCO 1) Which of the following is volatile memory?
  3. (TCO 1) A given CPU has an 18-bit address bus. How much memory space does it have?
  4. (TCO 2) Which bus is bidirectional?
  5. (TCO 2) Which bus carries memory contents?
  6. (TCO 2) The address bus is __________.
  7. (TCO 3) In the HCS12, as we pull value from stack, the SP is
  8. TCO 3) Find the value of Register A for the following program.
  9. (TCO 3) Which of the following is wrong?
  10. (TCO 3) The largest value (in decimal) that can be loaded into Register A of HCS12 is
  11. (TCO 4) What addressing mode is used for the instruction, INX?
  12. (TCO 5) Where is the address of the next instruction after the JSR instruction saved it?
  13. (TCO 5) After the execution of the following code, the value in Register D is:
  14. (TCO 5) Which bit is used to indicate the sign of an eight-bit signed number?
  15. (TCO 5) In the following program, what is the largest number that Register X can take?
  16. (TCO 7) Which of the following data types should be used for the number of days in a month?
  17. (TCO 8) Assume that PORTB has a value of 0x09. Which of the following gives us an ASCII digit for ‘9’?
  18. (TCO 8) The highest two-digit number in BCD is ______.
  19. (TCO 8) Find the value for PORTB after the execution of the following code:
  20. (TCO 8) Fill in the blank to get 0x39 on PORTB
  21. (TCO 4) Write the assembly code to specify 

a byte constant named num1 that has a value of 10.
a byte constant named num2 that has a value of 15.
a byte variable named big.

22. (TCO 5) Given the value of Register A shown below, show the value of Register A and the carry after the execution of ASLA.

23. (TCO 7) Write assembly instructions to clear Bit 5 of variable bar without changing other bits.

24. (TCO 5) Write a 68HC12 assembly-language program that takes consecutive bytes from a 10-byte array and adds them together UNTIL the result is >255 decimal, OR all of the values are added together. At either point, the program would store the sum and quit.

25. (TCO 6) Write a C program to toggle PA2 of PORTA ON and OFF with a 1-ms delay after each toggle. Assume that clock frequency is 6.25 MHz. Write inline assembly-language code inside of the delay function.

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