HRM 599 Homework Week 3 Homework Assignment Article Review II Answer

Please find an article related to healthcare programs. To help locate your article, you can utilize the DeVry University library through THE|HUB, or you may locate the article through your own source. The article should be from a current professional source that you would read as a manager in the benefits field. It should be a source that you would feel comfortable taking forward to your employer.
Once you have located and read your article, please complete a review of the article. The article review should consist of the following.
• It should contain a summary of the article (two to three paragraphs maximum). Why was the article written about the topic at the current time? This should be completed in your own words and talk about the key points of the article. You should not repeat the article in your summary.
• How does this relate to the learning for the week in class? What laws and concepts are covered that would help you in the area of benefits? How could you further elaborate on the concepts in the article?
• Based upon the article, what recommendations would you provide to the business community (an employer) from reading the article?
The article review must be completed in the APA format and utilize proper grammar. Papers without a reference page will receive 0 points. The paper should be three to five pages in total. The article will be graded based upon the Benefits Rubric.

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