Environmental issues regarding oil:

Oil spills are major environmental problem. As oil is liquid it can easily spread through the breakage of or leakage of oil transporting pipes and contaminates ground water, surface water. Oil on the ocean surface can coat the aquatic animals like fish, aquatic birds, and reptiles. As oil is toxic it can be harmful to marine animals. If oil reaches on the shore it coats the surface soil and kills the vegetation and shore animals, and make the place unsuitable for swimming, boating, fishing and other  human activities. There are several instances of accidental exploration of oil drilling rig like Ixtoc 1 1979, oil drill exploration and Deepwater Horizon accident in 2010. These two devastating exploration caused severe damage in the ocean life.

Environmental issues regarding nuclear power point:

Ionizing radiation emerge from nuclear disintegration cause several damage of animal cells. It mainly damages the DNA of cell and cause several mutation that cause several lifethreating  problems like cancer, skin disease, birth defect etc. there are several instances of devastating nuclear power plant accident like Chernobyl 1986.

Issue 5: Renewable resources and their use:

The major renewable energy sources are solar energy, wind energy, tidal power, geothermal energy, biomass energy etc. use of these renewable energy is safer than nonrenewable energy in respect to environmental effects. Because energy exerts lithe environmental problem in comparison with traditional nonrenewable energy. This can be explained by comparing the effects of any of the renewable and nonrenewable energy:

If we think about the effect of coal we see that coal may cause following environmental problems:

  • Mining and transportation of coal produce dense dust particles that produce severe air pollution and also cause land distortion.
  •  More over coal slurry may contaminate local streams and river
  • Burning of coal emits various toxic gases like CO2, SO2, CO, mercury that harshly damage environment. SO2 cause acid rain, CO2 cause global warming, CO cause air pollution, smog etc. Mercury accumulate within animals body through biomagnifications and  damage several cellular mechanisms

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