• Question 1
Which traditional philosophy holds that truth is found in the material world?
• Question 2
What philosophical term represents the study of values/ethics and beauty/aesthetics?
• Question 3
Which traditional philosophy holds that ultimate reality transcends the physical world?
• Question 4
What philosophical term represents the study of ultimate reality?
• Question 5
What philosophical term represents the study of the nature of truth and how we come to know truth?
• Question 6
BRIEF ESSAY: Select one of the critical issues from the list we discussed in class and address the following four aspects. (1) Explain why this issue is of importance and (2) what you believe to be the best approach for this particular issue. (3) What lens did you use in evaluating the issue? Explain how. Finally, (4) identify how the problem could be addressed from a different philosophical/theoretical lens than the one you used.
• Question 7
Who is known as the “Father of American Common/Public Education”?
• Question
Which philosopher presented the allegory of the cave in order to represent what he perceived as ultimate reality? (One word only.)
• Question 9
BRIEF ESSAY: From the educational thinker presentations in class, (1) Which educational thinker’s ideas MOST represent your own personal ideas? (2) In what ways are your personal ideas similar to that educational thinker’s ideas? Explain why you agree with this thinker. (3) Which educational thinker’s ideas LEAST represent your own personal ideas? (4) How are the ideas of that educational thinker different from your own ideas? Explain why you do not agree with this thinker as much as with the others.*Please number the four parts of your answer to indicate clearly that you’ve covered all four aspects.
• Question 10
Select the best school of philosophy for each statement. Some may be used more than once.
• Question 11
This philosophy claims that free will is “king.” There is no meaning in life except for what students give it themselves.
• Question 12
FULL ESSAY: Write a 5-paragraph reflection of the 2 Nancy Pearcey documents (1) Why Judges Make the Law-The Roots an Remedy of Judicial Imperialism and (2) The Sacred/Secular Divide and the Christian Worldview. You are free to approach this essay a variety of ways. However, it must include a description of Pearcey’s main ideas, a critical analysis of those ideas, and an evaluation from your perspective.
• Question 13
Which traditional philosopher proclaimed that truth could best be known by integrating faith and reason?
• Question 14
This modern philosophy holds that truth is what works and that we come to know truth through problem-solving/experimentation.
• Question 15
What pragmatist was the inspiration behind the progressive education movement of the 1930s?
• Question 16
BRIEF ESSAY: From the group presentations assignment and PPTs, compare your school’s educational ideas with others you heard. (1) In what ways were the ideas similar to your school? (2) How were they different? (3) What philosophies or educational theories that we studied were represented among those schools you viewed? Explain how those philosophies/theories were represented.
*Please number the three parts of your answer to indicate clearly that you’ve covered all three aspects.
• Question 17
George S. Counts, author of Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order?, is a name commonly associated with this educational theory.
• Question 18
Which learning theory holds that students have no free will or inner self, that they learn only through stimulus and response?
• Question 19
Which traditional philosophy holds that reality is found through a combination of faith and reason?

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