MGMT 550 Managerial Communication Week 3 Comparison Report A+ Answer

MGMT 550 Managerial Communication Week 3 Comparison Report A+ Answer

Week 3 Assignment:

Comparison Report. Write a 3 to 4 page report comparing the communication strategies of the Facebook pages of two of the following companies:

•McDonald’s, Burger King
•J C Penney, Kohl’s
•Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
•Pepsi Max, Coca-Cola Zero
•Target, Wal-Mart
•Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Suggested Format:

This week you will write a compare and contrast report. Your paper should discuss each of the companies and then discuss their similarities and differences. When looking at each company’s

Facebook page, use the same criteria to evaluate each of them, which will assist with the compare and contrast evaluation. Your paper should have at least 3 to 4 pages of body text plus the title

page and reference page.

Include the following sections:

•Title Page
•Discuss the first company
•Discuss the second company
•Compare and contrast the two companies

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