MGT 340 Business Systems Analysis Week 6_Petrie Electronics Case Answer

MGT 340 Business Systems Analysis Week 6_Petrie Electronics Case Answer

Petrie’s Electronics Case Questions Solutions (Chapter 10)
System Implementation and Operation SDLC Phase 4 Package
•Petrie’s Electronics Case
•Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 10, Questions 1–5.
1. Why don’t information systems projects work out as planned? What causes the differences between the plan and reality? 5
2. Why is it important to document change requests? What happens if a development team doesn’t? 5
3. When a project is late, do you think that adding more people to do the work helps or not? Justify your answer. 5
4. What is the role of a pilot project in information systems analysis? Why do you think the Petrie’s team decided to do a pilot project before rolling out the customer loyalty system for everyone? 5
5. Information systems development projects are said to fail if they are late, go over budget, or do not contain all of the functionality they were designed to have. Is the customer loyalty program a failure? Justify your answer. If not, how can failure be prevented? Is it important to avert failure? Why or why not?

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MGT 340 Business Systems Analysis Week 6 Petrie