MNG4801 Strategic Management: Notes and Past Assignments & Exam Preparations: Previous Exam Questions and Answers

MNG4801 Preparations: Previous Exam Questions and Answers 211 – 2015 Past Assignments and Notes Topics Covered Discontinuous change and incremental change The strategic management terminology The distinction between corporate level, business level, and function level strategies Distinguish between inside out and the outside in perspectives in analyzing strategy Explaining incorporated strategic fit and stretch Vision and mission statements Industry life cycle Corporate strategies Overview of Strategic Management Introduction SAA’s business-level strategy selection Strategy in perspective Risks Advantages Disadvantages Overview of decline and failure Turnaround strategy Classification and description of SAA’s turnaround strategy Turnaround Matrix of SAA Theory of turnaround matrix SAA”s unique precondition Turnaround strategies.

School, study & subject
Institution – University of South Africa (Unisa)
Study – Bcom Businesses management
Course -MNG4801 – Strategic Management

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