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A patient presents for evaluation of a sharp, aching chest pain which increases with breathing. Which anatomic area would you localize the symptom to?





Answer: A

A patient comes to the emergency room for evaluation of shortness of breath. To which anatomic region would you assign the symptom?





Answer: C

A 55-year-old data entry operator comes to the clinic to establish care. She has the following symptoms: headache, neck pain, sinus congestion, sore throat, ringing in ears, sharp brief chest pains at rest, burning abdominal pain with spicy foods, constipation, urinary frequency that is worse with coughing and sneezing, and swelling in legs. This cluster of symptoms is explained by:

One disease process

More than one disease process

Answer: 2

Steve has just seen a 5-year-old girl who wheezes when exposed to cats. The patient’s family history is positive for asthma. You think the child most likely has asthma. What have you just accomplished?

  1. You have tested your hypothesis.
  2. You have developed a plan.
  3. You have established a working diagnosis.
  4. You have created a hypothesis.

Answer: 4

A 62-year-old teacher presents to the clinic for evaluation of the following symptoms: fever, headache, sinus congestion, sore throat, green nasal discharge, and cough. This cluster of symptoms is best explained by:

1. One disease process

2. More than one disease process

Answer: 1

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