PROJ 584 Managing SW Devel Projects Week 8 Final Exam Complete A+ Answer

PROJ 584 Managing SW Devel Projects Week 8 Final Exam Complete Answer

Week 8 : Final Exam – Final Exam

Question 1. 1. (TCO A) Software projects are typically organized in one of four ways. Name and briefly describe each one of these organizational structures. (Points : 25)

Question 2. 2. (TCO B) What are some techniques for identifying risk factors? Describe five such techniques in detail. (Points : 25)

Question 3. 3. (TCO C) What is requirements development? List and briefly describe the seven kinds of activities that requirements development encompasses. (Points : 25)

Question 4. 4. (TCO D) What is the difference between managing versus leading? Describe some attributes of effective leaders. What are the factors that contribute to efficient and effective software engineering teams? (Points : 25)

Question 5. 5. (TCO E) What is rolling-wave planning? List the 15 guidelines for designing work breakdown structures (WBSs). (Points : 25)

Question 6. 6. (TCO F) List and briefly describe five pragmatic estimation techniques. Which would use choose as the top two? (Points : 25)

Question 7. 7. (TCO G) What is the difference between verification and validation? As a project manager, would you choose one over the other? (Points : 25)

Question 8. 8. (TCO E) What is the work breakdown structure and why is the process of preparing it so important? What baseline does the WBS define? (Points : 25)

Question 9. 9. (TCO D) Briefly summarize the three models of personality. What are the dimensions of social styles? In a five-layer behavioral model, how does the size and structure of a project determine how much influence each layer has on the software development process? (Points : 25)

Question 10. 10. (TCO C) Over the last 7 weeks of this course we’ve briefly discussed the CMMI-DEV project planning process area. According to the CMMI-DEV-v1.2 process framework [CMMI06], what are the specific goals and practices of project planning? What are the four related process areas? (Points : 25)


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