PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study_Complete Answer

PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study_Complete Answer

PROJ 587 Advanced Program Management Week 5 Case Study_Complete Answer

Case Study
The Case Study for PROJ587 will place the student in the role of a senior manager in charge of one of your company’s Strategic Business Units (SBU). Your first task in this new position is to develop a project portfolio management process and then use this process to select projects for your SBUs portfolio. The Case Study will involve the application of the tools and techniques of multi-project/program management and will deal with the analysis and establishment of project management systems based on the structure of the project.
The expected outputs from this Case Study will be in the form of a two part written report due week five.


The senior management of your company has already made the strategic decisions to allocate annual funding to each of the Strategic Business Units (SBU) within the company. You have been hired to manage one of the companies SBUs.
Your new company is a mid cap company with revenues of approximately $350 million dollars a year. This company, like many others, is struggling in today’s economy. It realizes in order to survive it needs to both expand and control costs at the same time. You are new to this industry. This company’s vision is to become the “go to” support or the “provider of choice” for the cruise ship industry throughout the world.
This company currently is in the travel and hotel support industry. As such, you supply support services to the travel and hotel industry such as linen services to cruise ships and major hotel chains in the Southeastern United States. Most of your new company’s revenues are derived for the cruise ship industry versus the hotel industry. This company is home based in Tampa, Florida, as most of your business is in that geographic area.
You are in charge of the Operations SBU and responsible for the management of a product portfolio in this strategic business unit. The Operations SBU is the SBU that provides all the company’s services to its clients. There are a number of projects already in progress, but there has not been a good portfolio management process in place.
The parent company has set the following strategic goals for the entire company:
• Expansion goals are to grow the company 10% per year, specifically to include the following:
o Expand into new markets in Alaska and Europe
o Expand services provided to current customers
o Increase revenues by 10%
o Increase customer satisfaction by 15%

• Cost Control goals include the following
o Reduce operating costs by 10%
o Reduce overhead and warehousing costs by 5%


Assignment: Due Week 5
This is a two part assignment.
Part 1
First, develop project selection criteria and a high level process for applying the criteria and managing the portfolio. The criteria should be consistent with the business environment for the industry, consistent with your company’s overall mission/strategies, and consistent with the mission and strategies of your strategic business unit. You are proposing a process, not individual projects.
The deliverable for Part 1 is a written proposal for the project selection criteria and a high level description of a proposed portfolio management process. You may also be expected to make an informal presentation of the report in class.
The proposal should be in the form of a memorandum to your Vice President (your instructor) outlining your proposal. The memorandum should be no more than 10 pages, including any figures and tables. It should be double-spaced, 10 or 12 point font with one-inch margins. This is a summary for an executive, so be concise, to the point, and leave out the fluff. If you don’t need 10 pages to document your proposal fully, I am sure that your Vice President will be happy with less as long as it is complete. Using appropriate grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure will be part of your grade.
The actual proposal should include the following:
1. A description of the proposed portfolio process. You are explaining it to the executives.
2. The reasons it was selected (tie to strategies as appropriate.)
3. A description of the proposed selection criteria. How will the process be applied in your SBU?
4. The method for applying the selection criteria, and the justification for both. How are you going to score the projects and evaluate the scores?
Hints for a Successful Part 1:
This is not a complete project proposal or even a complete status report. You are making a specific proposal to management of a “Project Portfolio Evaluation and Selection Process”.
All reports and memos to executives should include an executive summary at the beginning. This one is no exception.
The discussion of the organization should be limited to how the SBU organization supports projects and the PPM process. It is not necessary to discuss the total company.
Pay attention to the specifics requested in the deliverables. Do NOT make your memo a list of questions and answers. That is not the way a business memo is written.
It is easy to select a process that is presented in a reference but you must propose one that works for your SBU.
When you think you are finished put yourself in the role of someone who was not working on the solution and read your presentation. You can assume you know the basics of PPM.
• Does your presentation provide a good description of the process and how it will be applied?
• Are there obvious questions that it raises that are not answered?
This is not a classroom assignment, it is a business memo. Also it is not a research report and you are not trying to demonstrate your academic expertise and how well you are read.
Your Assignment
Your task is to use your portfolio process to determine which of the above projects best fit into your portfolio and create a time based plan by quarters as to when each project selected should begin and be paid for. Once this is accomplished, you need to write an internal memo to your Vice President denoting the projects selected, the time based plan in quarters, and why you chose as you did.

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