PROJ 592 Proj Cost and Schedule Control Week 7 Course Project Part 3_Answer

PROJ 592 Proj Cost and Schedule Control Week 7 Course Project Part 3_Answer

Course Project Part 3—Due Week 7
For CP-3, we will leave CP-2 behind and start fresh. CP-3 is a performance review of a new indoor theme park project. You will utilize the provided project information and data to create a new project schedule, which will represent your project at a specific point during implementation. You will load the information and data into Microsoft Project where the data will serve as the basis for project monitoring and control and earned value analysis. The output of the analysis, combined with a control plan, will be used to support the continuation of your project.
The CP-3 Project Performance Report will be structured with the following sections.
• Cover page including assignment, project title, course, and student contact information
• Executive summary summarizing the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights, such as overall project cost and schedule performance and estimate to completion, and making the pitch to project stakeholders to continue the project
• Schedule 1 an MSP Gantt chart schedule (required) that incorporates the provided project data, established baseline, and proper review date representing the anticipated 50% completion date
• Performance analysis utilizing earned value data to analyze the project cost and schedule performance
• Estimate at completion including a forward-looking estimate of the project completion date and the final project costs
• Cost and schedule control plan providing a corrective action plan to bring the project back in line with your project baseline
• Revised estimate at completion including the corrective actions from the control plan along with the resulting cost impact and schedule impact
• Schedule 2 including revised MSP Gantt chart schedule (required) that reflects the impact of your corrective actions
Submission Requirements
• CP-3 must be submitted as a single document in MS Word. Information or details created with other tools like Excel or MS Project, such as tables, charts, or graphs, must be incorporated into the MS Word file submittal as an inserted object, such as a JPEG. (For help with MS Project, see the Video Tutorial link below.) Failure to follow this requirement will result in the return of the proposal for re-formatting to the requested MS Word format.
• You may insert objects into the body of your paper to support your discussion if they are half a page or less. Larger items should be included in an appendix with appropriate references to this information.
• CP-3 must include a cover page.
• As a guide, the body of CP-3 should be between five and 10 pages in length (i.e., not including cover page, appendix, etc.).

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PROJ 592 Course Project Part 3