PROJ 600 Project Management Capstone Project All Weeks Oldies Soda Shoppe Project Complete Answer

PROJ 600 Project Management Capstone Project All Weeks Oldies Soda Shoppe Project Complete Answer

PROJ 600 Project Management Capstone Project All Weeks Oldies Soda Shoppe Project Complete Answer

PROJ 600 Project Management Capstone Project

The PROJ600 Capstone project is to test the student’s ability to integrate all the project management course material leading to his or her Masters in Project Management degree. It truly is the Capstone of the Project Management Program.


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There are two options for selecting a Capstone project, as described in the following material.

Option 1: Select Your Project from Keller Standard Pre-Approved Cases

Under this option, in Week 1 your team will select one of the Keller standard pre-approved cases for the Capstone project. Throughout the course, each team will play the role of project manager for your selected case.

A synopsis of each of the four standard pre-approved cases is provided below. You may also inspect the first part of the documentation for all the cases in Week 1 before you make a final commitment to a specific case. More than one team may select a particular case.

The course requirements and the project cases and their documentation that you will receive are of such a nature that you do not need to be working in the particular field that is the focus of a specific case. The particular case concepts are accessible to people with a range of backgrounds and work experience. For example, you do not have to be involved with computerized information systems to do the Service Construction project.

Case 1: SCI
Service Construction is a small to medium sized construction company that is looking to expand. Unfortunately, its IT infrastructure is woeful to say the least. We need you as the Director of IT to bring SCI’s IT infrastructure into the 21st century!

Case 2: Mobile Cancer Screening Implementation
Breast cancer strikes both men and women. Early detection offers a chance for individuals to beat this disease. Many individuals do not have the ability or funds to receive this screening. To address this, the city of Wilmington, DE, has hired you to design and build a mobile breast cancer screening laboratory. You could be the key to saving many lives!

Case 3: Globalization Initiative
Oldies Soda Shoppe is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor that has been in business for over a hundred years. It has grown steadily in this time and has now saturated the market in the U.S. You have been hired by the marketing department to lead an overseas expansion of Oldies. Your task is to select an appropriate city outside the U.S. and open a new Oldies Ice Cream Shoppe!

Case 4: Government/Not for Profit
After reviewing its emergency response plan, the city of Loganville, South Carolina, had concluded that its plans were insufficient for all but the most mundane of emergencies. As a result, your firm has been hired to create a working emergency response plan for the city. Good luck—the hurricane season is just around the corner!

Option 2: Develop Your Own Project Topic

Under this option, your team can choose its own project topic subject to the following guidelines:
1.The project topic must represent material that is new to each team member. The work in developing the project plan must be done specifically as a part of your enrollment in Keller’s Project Management Capstone (PROJ600) course. Certainly you cannot use past work or submit work that you are currently doing for your employer. Preferably, any Capstone project done under this option would not be directly associated with the work you have done or currently do in your normal employment.
2.Any material used from documents that are the property of your company, or ideas used that were created by others in their work at your company, must comply with Keller’s policies on Academic Integrity and on Written Assignments, including citation of the source.
3.Capstone projects could involve, however, setting up new business ventures, innovative, or future work that might be undertaken by your company. Possibly some current or past work for your employer, that is being done or was done without good project management techniques, might be acceptable for a Capstone project if it is cast in the light of “what if good project management principles were used?” Also, you might use current or past work for your employer if your role was in a narrow project team niche, and you now want to consider the project from the broader project manager role for your Capstone project.
4.You must be responsible for resolving any proprietary issues and completing all Capstone project course requirements to the professional degree expected by Keller. Citing proprietary issues will not be acceptable as a reason for failing to fully complete all parts of deliverable documents and presentations required for PROJ600.
5.Each team member must sign a Plan Release required by Keller that authorizes (a) the School to retain your proposal and completed, final project working plan, and (b) the School to use the document for educational purposes.
6.The selected project must possess the richness of project ideas and situations that are contained in Keller’s standard pre-approved cases, and be amenable to the course instructor specifying simulation events to which you must respond.
7.Your project must contribute to the learning experience of other students in your PROJ600 class. You will be submitting project presentations to the class and talking about your project issues in class discussion. You must be able to make your presentation meaningful and interesting to others present.
8.To be challenging for the student, the project must have a scope that is sufficiently extensive or difficult to achieve; a budget that is sufficiently large or firm; or a scheduled duration that is sufficiently long or a completion date that is firmly fixed. Here are some guidelines: a.Cost should generally run in the $5,000,000–$10,000,000 range.
b.Schedule duration should exceed six months, and a critical completion date must be required.
c.Work scope should require two or more subcontractors.


All projects must be approved by the instructor no later than the first week of class. This requires that they be submitted early in Week 1 to allow time for review, adjustment, and approval. The resolution of any priority issues must be documents to obtain approval. The contemplated project idea must be presented in the form of any of the pre-approved standard cases that are provided to the class at the outset of the course. Verbal descriptions will not be accepted.

Next Steps
•Obtain Instructor Approval BEFORE end of Week 1.
•Create project charter.
•Create a project scope statement.
•Develop complete project plan with presentation.
•Incorporate unexpected event and added work in Week 6.
•Develop a Working Plan/Status report including unexpected event and additional work.
•Final presentation Week 8.

Examples of Students’ Own Projects Developed for Option 2
•Development of a Commercial Web Site
•Implementation of Semiconductor Processing Equipment
•Establishing a Medical Facility in India
•Design and Construction of a Municipal Storm Water Detention Pond
•Establishing a Plastics Injection Molding Capacity in the U.S. and Europe
•Product Development for an On-Board Heavy-Truck Computer
•Development of Software for Event-Driven Insurance Fee Collection
•Establishing a Greenhouse with Rental Space for Independent Growers
•Design-Build for a Commercial Office Building
•Establishing a Rapid Start-up Operation for Production of a Generic Drug Product
•Software Development for an Educational Game
•Setting-Up a Deer Farming Operation on Public Forest Preserve Land
•Establishing an Electronic Document Library with Intranet Distribution
•Setting-Up a Project Management System and Tools for Field Offices
•Establishing a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program for an Airport Construction Project
•Development of a Medical Electronics Product
•Setting Up a Regional Product Distribution Facility
•Establishing a Pilot Facility for a Healthcare Organization
•Developing and Maintaining a Dog Park in a Community
•Building Construction and Start-up Marketing for a Condominium Development
•Setting Up a Pilot Facility for a Computer Training Enterprise
•Establishing a Commercial Prepared Foods Processing Facility
•Setting Up a Manufacturing Facility for Production of a Plastics Colorant
•Setting Up a Test Laboratory for Electronic Connectors
•Building Rehabilitation and Equipment Installation for a Vehicle Repair Facility
•Upgrade of a Wireless Paging System
•Establishing a Large Not-for-Profit Group’s Fund Raising Organization, System, and Procedures

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