•Question 1
The cerebellum is responsible for sense of balance, proprioception, coordination, and precision movement.
•Question 2
Which statement is true of the central nervous system?
•Question 3
Which choice is true regarding the brain stem?
•Question 4
An epidural will puncture through the meninges to inject medication or extract cerebral spinal fluid.
•Question 5
Which of these choices is the deepest layer of the meninges?
•Question 6
Which choice best describes the effect of destruction of the ventral (anterior) horns neurons in the spinal cord?
•Question 7
Which statement is true regarding the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)?
•Question 8
The ventral horn sends efferent information from the CNS to the body via the ventral root.
•Question 9
Which part or region of the brain controls and is associated the ability for speech production?
•Question 10
The right hemisphere of the brain is primarily responsible for analytical thought and rational thought.
•Question 11
Which statement is true regarding the spinal cord?
•Question 12
Gyri and sulci can be found in which of the following structures?
•Question 13
Which of the following is considered an ascending tract?
•Question 14
Which statement is true regarding the meninges?
•Question 15
Most neural pathways entering the spinal cord from left spinal nerves at some point desiccate (cross over) and are perceived by the right side of the cerebrum.

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