• Question 1
The cross bridging process in muscle contraction requires ATP?

• Question 2
The majority of joints within the body are classified as:

• Question 3
Which statement is NOT true regarding the skeletal system?

• Question 4
Which cellular organelle is responsible for the production of ATP?

• Question 5
The first step in bone fracture repair is the formation of the fibrocartilaginous callus?

• Question 6
Negative feedback loops are utilized by the body to maintain metabolism?

• Question 7
Osmosis is the movement of random molecules from a high to low concentration across a selectively permeable membrane?

• Question 8
Autosomal recessive traits and disorders typically show up in each generation.

• Question 9
Which is NOT true regarding osteoporosis?

• Question 10
What is NOT found in the dermis layer of skin?

• Question 11
The arrangement of the fascicles in a muscle influences the direction a muscle will contraction?

• Question 12
The organic components of the extracellular matrix space include collagen fibers?

• Question 13
Blood cell production is a primary function of the skeletal system?

• Question 14
Aerobic respiration creates lactic acid as a by product but produces far more ATP than anaerobic respiration?

• Question 15
What is the best statement to describe what a fascicle is?

• Question 16
Which statement is true regarding osteoarthritis?

• Question 17
Which of the choices is NOT true regarding muscle contraction?

• Question 18
Which statement is true of articulations (joints)?

• Question 19
Skin cancer originates in the dermis of the skin?

• Question 20
Which statement is NOT true regarding articulations?

• Question 21
What is the layer between the epidermis and dermis that is ultimately responsible for fingerprints called?

• Question 22
Which statement is NOT true regarding the hip?

• Question 23
Which bone cell is responsible for stimulating the production of extracellular matrix and increasing its overall concentration?

• Question 24
Wolf’s law of bone relates to the concept of bone density is directly related to the dietary ingestion of calcium?

• Question 25
Which of the following protein molecules provides the binding site for the myosin heads?

• Question 26
Which is the cell found in majority within the epidermis?

• Question 27
Which statement is NOT true regarding muscles?

• Question 28
This type of gland secretes an oily secretion that helps lubricate and keeps the skin and hair from becoming dried out?

• Question 29
For the thick filament and the thin filament to release or un-attach during muscle contraction, this process requires ATP?

• Question 30
Which is NOT true regarding the epiphyseal plates?

• Question 31
Aerobic respiration is performed by which cellular organelle?

• Question 32
Which type of skin cancer has the highest fatality rate?

• Question 33
Which is not true of muscular tissue and/or muscle contraction?

• Question 34
What statement is NOT true regarding synovial joints?

• Question 35
What statement is true of the glenohumeral (shoulder) joint?

• Question 36
A motor unit is all the muscle fibers one motor neuron innervates?

• Question 37
Which choice is true regarding myoglobin?

• Question 38
A bursa can reduce the friction of a tendon rubbing over a bone?

• Question 39
A strain occurs when there is ligament damage to a joint?

• Question 40
Which of the following muscles is not a SITS muscle?

• Question 41
Which choice best describes the function of the haversian (central) canals within bone?

• Question 42
This type of tissue is found exposed to external environments, lines hollow organs such as the stomach and bladder, and plays an integral role in the epidermis?

• Question 43
Which choice is NOT true regarding bone tissue?

• Question 44
Which statement is true of the epiphyseal plates of bones?

• Question 45
What is not a function of the integument system?

• Question 46
Parathyroid gland will cause an increase activity of the osteoclasts?

• Question 47
Which statement is NOT true of articulations (joints)?

• Question 48
What is NOT a Characteristic to a synovial joint?

• Question 49
Sodium ions (Na+) must bind to troponin in order for the muscle contraction process to occur?

• Question 50
A ligament connects a muscle to a bone while a tendon stabilizes a joint by connecting or joining one bone to another.

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