Strayer University PAD 599 COMP TEST Answer

•Question 1
The idea that a bureaucracy of professionals, who follow the mandates of a legislature, can meet the administrative requirements of a democracy is called the doctrine of
•Question 2
The unusual visibility of the public administrator
•Question 3
Benchmarking performance improvement programs means
•Question 4
The development of a complex intergovernmental system in the United States is rooted primarily in ________________.
•Question 5
Woodrow Wilson, and other early writers, thought of public administration as
•Question 6
The “New Public Administration” argues that
•Question 7
The Office of Management and Budget is
•Question 8
A program that provides an established set of benefits to persons who meet eligibility requirements is called
•Question 9
The line-item budget
•Question 10
A grant from the national government that could be used only for a specific, limited purpose, is called a
•Question 11
Fiscal policy is concerned principally with
•Question 12
An example of the application of Keynesian economic theory is when the national government
•Question 13
Court involvement in the specifics of administrative policy making and implementation does NOT include
•Question 14
An important source of bureaucratic power in the national government
•Question 15
The strong mayor system of city government
•Question 16
The policy most likely to generate intense conflicts is
•Question 17
Public policies are
•Question 18
The policy network that has the most influence in setting a particular policy is known as a _________
•Question 19
Which of the following is not a part of the policy environment in the systems model?
•Question 20
An attempt to see to it that a public-sector office has employees whose gender, ethnicity, age and other demographic characteristics reflect the characteristics of the population the office serves, would be an example of______.
•Question 21
A way of insuring administrative responsiveness that focuses on strict legislative supervision and tightly drawn statutes is ______.
•Question 22
The tension between efficiency and responsiveness is rooted in
•Question 23
“Qualified immunity” refers to the situation in which
•Question 24
The Pendleton Act of 1883 prohibited
•Question 25
When the administrator attempts to make a judgment concerning the desires of the public with respect to his/her tasks, this is an example of_____.
•Question 26
Studying public problems in order to provide policymakers with information about the options for action available to them is part of
•Question 27
Quality of the work performed
•Question 28
The statement that local governments are “creatures of the state” and have only those powers granted by the state is known as ______.
•Question 29
A study of the degree to which pothole repairs last through the winter season would be an example of an evaluation concerned with
•Question 30
The cost-effectiveness approach involves
•Question 31
Which of the following is not a true statement regarding program evaluation?
•Question 32
Injunctive relief is:
•Question 33
The approach embodied in the U.S. Constitution to relationships among branches of government can best be described as:
•Question 34
Local government ordinances are published:
•Question 35
Section 1983 of the U.S. Code:
•Question 36
What must a document contain for it to satisfy the Statute of Frauds with respect to a transfer of an interest in real property?
•Question 37
Corpus Juris Secundum is:
•Question 38
Financial disclosure laws typically apply:
•Question 39
In recent years state and local merit systems in the personnel function
•Question 40
“Quid pro quo” sexual harassment is:
•Question 41
Merit selection, tenure, and responsiveness to political leaders are
•Question 42
Mediation in labor management negotiations
•Question 43
The traditional role of the personnel department of a public sector agency has been to
•Question 44
Arbitration in labor-management negotiations
•Question 45
One of the main criticisms of globalization is that it
•Question 46
The European Union was established in order to
•Question 47
The International Court of Justice lists all of the following as sources of international law except
•Question 48
A zero-sum game refers to the situation in which
•Question 49
A major objective of the United Nations is to
•Question 50
Sovereignty means that

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