C489 – Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

Organizational Systems and Quality Leadership

Task 1: Nursing Quality Indicators

Westerns Governors University

B: Nursing-quality indicators advancing quality patient care

Gathering hospital data regarding specific nursing-quality indicators can help to compare hospital units as well as comparing hospital to other hospitals. It can help see which unit has flaws and compare them with the units that are succeeding. The units with the success can share ideas and/or help the nurses with their weaknesses. When looking at data from other hospitals, directors can review all unit patient satisfaction, staff certification and annual skill labs/education and any new ideas for the hospital to adapt.

While gathering all data information, it will help each unit supervisor to see what their unit should be changing or adding to their everyday duty. In regards to Mr.J’s pressure ulcer, maybe staffing is an issue and the nurses did not have time to check on the patient efficiently, and the CNA’s did not have time to rotate him every 2 hours. Adding more staff could help with this situation.

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