Organizational Leadership Task 3
Health Utilization and Finance
Organization Systems and Quality Leadership

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Unemployed citizens in the US have the same option as those unable to afford private insurance. The affordable care act provides income-based insurance to those who are unemployed. Some unemployed citizens are provided Medicaid benefits, a form of healthcare developed by the federal government and administered at the state level. The program provides healthcare coverage for U.S. residents with a low income and other U.S. residents who demonstrate qualifying medical needs ( Citizens receiving Medicaid assistance are those who may not make enough to afford private insurance and must meet specific guideline to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. Unlike the US in its coverage of unemployed citizens, Japan provides support payments until employment is gained or for a 6-month period of time-whichever comes first, to their unemployed citizens. Before receiving benefits in Japan, one must register with the Public Employment Security office. Pertinent documents are required for registration including the insurance card given at the time of employment and the separation notice given at release. After the time has ended, citizens are required to register for the mandated insurance plan accordingly.

Retired citizens in Japan receive treatment under the Retiree Medical System, which is a branch of the NHI all Japanese receive. To qualify for the Retiree Medical System, an individual first must be an NHI member. Second, they must have paid their designated premiums to the National Pension plan for no less than 25 years. Third, once the individual has reached 65 years of age, benefits can then be reimbursed (International Public Policy). In order for the benefits to be disbursed, the individual must obtain their NHI retiree insurance card. They will then need to show this card before receiving medical treatment (Yoshida Institute). When an individual is ready for retirement in the United States, they may be able to keep their coverage. Employers may opt to let the retired employee keep their insurance in the form of retiree coverage. Employers are not obligated to provide this insurance and the insurance may not cover a spouse. It is up to the individual to confirm how much retiree coverage will cost and what it will cover. If someone is not able to keep their insurance or obtain private retiree insurance, they may become


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