Take some time to research the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. You can find information easily by placing the name of the project in your favorite Internet search engine. Answer the following questions in your discussion post:
1. What is the Keystone XL Pipeline Project?
Ans. Keystone XL Pipeline Project is project in which it has been proposed to set up a 1,179 mile, 36 inch diameter pipeline of crude oil across North America. This pipeline can be very important strengthening economy of United States of America.
2. What would be the advantages of moving forward with the project? (Describe at least two.)
Ans. One of the greatest advantages of moving forward with this project is that it will provide employment to large number of people. Thus, thousands of jobs will be created which will be beneficial for people. It will also be beneficial for the economy of America because it will encourage production of crude oil in the US.
3. What would be the disadvantages of moving forward with the project? (Describe at least two.)
Ans. One of the main disadvantage of the project is that there is a risk of oil spill along the pipeline. This will increase emissions of green house gas. Another important concern is that spill from the pipeline will pollute air which in turn will affect migratory birds as well as health of other organisms. It can also pollute drinking water reserves affecting millions of lives.
4. What is your opinion on the matter? Should the pipeline be built? Why or why not?
Ans. In my opinion Keystone XL Pipeline should not be built. This pipeline may be profitable for the present economy of a country, but it has many adverse environmental effects which will directly affect lives of future generation. It will cause deterioration of environment.

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