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  1. SusAnne R. Brewer

    So I bought the NSG 6020 Advanced Physical Assessment Exam and I cannot get it to download.
    Please email exam in PDF form to me so I can print it off.

    1. edusolutionguide

      Sent you the solution already.

  2. Barb Long

    I purchased Advanced Pharmacology (NURS 6521) Midterm and Final Exam but did not receive email to verify. I think I inadvertently put a period between the barbara and long. The correct address is: Thank you for your help!


    1. edusolutionguide

      Sent you. Please check your email.

  3. tom

    what happened to Financial Management for IT Professionals C928 Assessment Questions GSO2 answers? you had it, now it is gone.

    1. edusolutionguide

      I have the solution set but I haven’t published it. You can pay it here and send me an email on and I will send you the solution set.

  4. Moon Jenah

    I am looking for C783 project management course exam questions NXO2
    I don’t see it in the website
    Is there anyway to find those or upload them so I can purchase it? Please
    Really need them, I am in a deep depression no time to study plus I lost my husband due to corona virus. I have three kids this is my last class so I can get a job

    1. edusolutionguide

      I already replied to your email. Thanks for contacting us.

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