PROJ 430 Advance Project Management Week 5 Checkpoint Answer

PROJ 430 Advance Project Management Week 5 Checkpoint Answer

Crosby Manufacturing Corporation (Chapter 12, pp. 552 – 554)
Case Study Questions:

1. Livingston made some mistakes initially. Describe at least two of them and provide how you would handle the situations.
2. How do you think the functional employees feel? Support how you might feel if you were in their position by citing points from the case study?
3. Are there any other alternatives? Explain at least three alternatives.
4. Explain your thoughts about the appointment of Tim Emary as project manager. Consider what is expected of a project manager and senior managers’ support for projects.
5. How long do you think it should take to develop a detailed project schedule and why?
6. Is a completion date in as short as 18 months realistic? Why or why not? Analyze this question using the information from Exhibit 12-2 (Typical schedule in months).
7. Explain what other areas may suffer as time constraints increase.

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PROJ 430 Advance Project Management W 5 Checkpoint

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